about me!

(This was obligatory)

Who Am I? actually?

My name is Crystal Leung. I love working with graphic design and fine arts, and ideally one day I'll be able to support myself doing it. This version of the future is currently the only thing keeping me from walking into the woods by the side of the highway with nothing but a hatchet and beginning a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. 

If I've ever had a mission statement, it would be that I like doing what I can to make things less ugly. I just like making what I want to see from the world, and hopefully other people want what I want to see in the world too, if that makes sense. Or else, there would be no point and the true hopelessness of our situation would *actually* start settling in. And that's no fun!

These pictures are of me, my boyfriend Ian (who has his own website: ianalbino.com) (shameless plug), and our little dog Cowspi, full name Cowspitter Albino Perez, an adorably menacing animal. I don't think I really need to clarify who is who. Yes, some of these are from senior prom. I mean, how often do YOU get photos of yourself and your S/O in good lighting and camera quality? I enjoy using these two as pillows during my frequent afternoon naps. Seriously, get yourself a man and a dog. Instant melatonin.

update: I also now have a pet bunny. Her name is Charlotte but I call her Bun-Bun.

(Hint: I am not the white guy)

I will never pass up a chance to post cute photos but please don't be crazy and use these to catfish people. Please. I'm asking nicely