Expression through makeup: AP 2D SI

Inquiry: How do people use colors, shapes, embellishments, and differing aesthetics in their makeup to convey their emotions?


14 in x 18 in

Idea(s): This piece was inspired by 2019-2020 COVID-19 quarantine fashions, an experimental time for many who suddenly found themselves with much more time and space for creativity than their lives normally allowed. The average person began branching out into graphic liner and drawing lines and shapes on their faces, as well as using cream face paints.

Materials: Oil paint, canvas panel

Silent Starlet

14 in x 18 in

Idea(s): This piece was inspired by makeup of the 1920s, specifically the dramatic style worn by silent film actresses like Clara Bow. Silent film actresses often relied on thinly penciled eyebrows and heavy eyeshadow to convey emotions during what would be dialogue. 

Materials: Oil paint, eyeshadow, canvas panel

Self Study

14 in x 18 in

Idea(s): Built off the previous piece ":)", I decided to reflect on how much my outward appearance had morphed into someone I didn't recognize during worst times of the pandemic. 

Materials: Oil paint, canvas panel

Pink, Purple & Blue

5 in x 7 in (individual piece)

Idea(s): Each piece represents a color on the bisexual pride flag, and what emotions those colors can evoke. 

Materials: Oil paint, canvas panel

Assorted works

Art trading cards

7 in x 11.5 in

Idea(s): These cards show many varieties of intense, colorful, and edgier makeup styles that were inspired by makeup artists on the Internet. 

Materials: Watercolor paper, acrylic paint, instant coffee

Breaking the Boundaries

4 in x 9 in

Idea(s): This piece showcases two different styles of makeup people choose to put on their face like they would a face mask; one looks more like a classic Renaissance-style painting and the other is more glam-rock inspired

Materials: Cardboard mask, acrylic paint

Mood Stabilizers

3.5 in x 3.5 in

Idea(s): Made from the actual pill organizer I use, the emotions on the wheel were all based on different emotions one with emotional regulation issues could experience in the span of one week: despair, compulsions, joy, tiredness, etc. 

Materials: Acrylic paint, plastic pill


Full presentation:

Copy of sustained investigation

Process shots

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