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Enloe High School

CTE Advanced Studies AAVC Honors Final Project: Student Choice

This year, when given the opportunity to choose what we did for our final project, I chose to continue what I consider to be the most important project I’ve ever done in graphics so far, both for personal development of goals and what I want out of my work in graphic design, and in technical ability. However, I wanted to take it a step further. A large problem that has been prevalent in society lately is the use of performative activism, using people’s identities or world events in a shallow way, sometimes to promote a product or just to make a show of one’s supposed good morals. I liked that I could lend representation to minority groups using graphic design, as that can do a lot for young people who identify with the models they see in their daily lives. But this year, I wanted my products to reflect a world or situation where something has already been done, where action has already been taken to actually improve the lives of underrepresented and marginalized people. 

Helping Hand Mission flyers and logo redesign

A local nonprofit called Helping Hand Mission reached out to our class to help them in their graphics design department. First, as a class, we had to come to an agreement on how much we could do for the company without stepping into budget or time constraints. We settled on creating two-person groups, with each group providing a poster design for Helping Hand's summer fan drive and creating a new logo,, since they lacked one. 

Freestyle Libre 2 packaging redesign project

My redesign of the instant flash glucose monitoring system, Freestyle Libre 2. My mom uses this, and has had several complaints I thought I could solve with graphic design. First, the packaging is heavily catered towards medical professionals or doctors, people who simply prescribe this device to patients. It's the patients who install the devices on themselves, so it was important to make it user friendly. Additionally, my mom has been given the wrong device multiple times, as the 2 on Freestyle Libre 2 is not big enough to be noticeable and easily differentiated from the original. My design takes into account user compatibility, readability, and use of space. 

Vote 4 Viv!

Campaign poster for my newspaper buddy Vivian!!

Mitski Laurel Hell Tour

We were tasked with creating a tour poster for an artist or band we liked. And I love Mitski. I decided to create something in the sort of retro styles I've been seeing popularized lately, and it turned out looking a little like a stamp, which I like. 

Mary Jackson Black History Month Celebration

Black History Month always invokes the celebration and remembrance of the people who made our society today a possibility. In my opinion, not enough emphasis is placed on the celebration part, so I decided to create a museum exhibition style poster for one of my favorite women in science, Mary Jackson, the first Black female engineer at NASA. 

Enloe Midsommar Night's Dream Prom 2022

An event poster made for Enloe's 2022 prom.

Enloe Charity Ball 2021

An event poster for Enloe Charity Ball, whose beneficiary in 2021 was Haven House. Created using the colors of the two original logos and a halftone in the background for texture.

Horror Movie Poster Project

Inspired by a Carrie (1976) poster, recreation/redesign

Global Issues Project #2: Gender Inequality

For this project, we were asked to create a series of posters that addressed different prompts regarding UN Global Issues. I chose the issue of gender inequality, choosing to create a series of three posters addressing gender inequality in advertising that nonchalantly displayed adolescents playing with toys not typically associated with their gender presentation.

Bark Box Packaging Design

For this project, we were asked to design a product that followed a theme similar to the products distributed by the real Bark Box company. For this, I chose a pastel hand-drawn fruit design, like something you'd find off the shelf at Trader Joe's. I then searched for high quality photos of dog treats, or human treats honestly depending on what my options were, and stitched them together with the packaging using photoshop and various textures. 

Rina Sawayama Art Pack

Poster + logos

Flo Milli Art Pack

Poster + logos

Rico Nasty Art Pack

Poster + logos

Lego Advertising Poster Series

For this project, we were asked to create a series of posters to revive public interest in Legos, as their brand hasn't been doing great recently as children are turning towards activities that don't require as long of an attention span as building does. I created a mockup of what a collaboration between lego and Ikea would look like, using Photoshop to stitch different images together to create the Lego furniture and Illustrator to put the elements of the poster together. 

Time Period Typography

For this project, we were told to choose a specific design aesthetic from any of the decades and create a visual inspired by that aesthetic. I chose to base mine off of pictures of Chinese and Japanese matchbox covers from around the 1920s, mostly because I had an entire Pinterest board of them sitting there, ready to use. I chose elements from a few different ones I saw, like a woman with a bob, curvy lines, text outlined with stroke, etc. and added some eyes in the background to add my own art style in there. 

Election Campaign Project

We were asked to do research on the candidates running in local elections in North Carolina and create a small postcard-sized mailer to support them, with all the necessary information (a disclaimer, a place for the mailing address, a barcode), as well as a small online ad. I chose Jessica Holmes, who was a Democrat running for NC Labor Commissioner, using a blue to match the color of her shirt and bold swooping text to quickly grab the attention of the viewer. 

Desk Project

This project mostly tested our ability to mask items in Photoshop. We were supposed to mask items already had on our desk, so I chose to put a few everyday items, like lip gloss, headphones, a calculator that I don't own at all, my phone, my laptop, and some flaming hot Doritos. My main challenge was finding good, high-quality photos of the Doritos and my headphones, which I ended up just taking my own pictures of. 

Menu Design Project

For this project, we were randomly assigned a type of restaurant to design a menu for. Lucky for me, I got a boba shop. As someone who frequents these, I knew exactly what to put on the menu- I just needed a theme. I ended up making the background light brown- the color of milk tea- and a darker brown for the text, with a cute rounded font. 

Movie poster, made using a tutorial given by my graphics teacher

Wonderland Poster

The drama teacher at my school asked our class to design a poster for their upcoming musical, which was supposed to be a take on Alice in Wonderland but as a grownup. Their main colors were purple and green, so I incorporated those into my design as well as giving it bold, curved font to attract viewers. Looking back, I definitely could've made the copy text much bigger and legible.  

Australia Poster

My graphics teacher created this project at the height of the Australia wildfires last year to get people to donate to the cause. The poster needed to have information about the charity the donation would go to, as well as a QR code to donate and the logo of the organization. 

Calendar Project

Pretty simple- we were asked to create a calendar in Adobe Indesign, with no specific requirements or rules besides the size. Then, we would print out the finished product and assemble it in class. I chose a simple, bold graphic design, inspired by calendar designs I saw on Pinterest. 

Anna May Wong Poster

A poster I created for an NC State Fair poster design competition that I did not win

Original Sustain-A-Bowl Poster

Global Issue Project

We were asked to come up with a solution to one of the global issues listed by the UN. My partner and I chose desertification. To combat this, we came up with the Sustain-A-Bowl, a small biodegradable carton that resembled an instant ramen bowl that would contain seeds that could be planted once the carton was either thrown away or planted in the ground. These plants would take root, slowing the process of desertification. 

Homecoming Poster

Valentine's Day Card