Spectrum Screen Printing & Apparel

Intern Project: Spectrum Screen Printing Website Redesign

For my required project as an intern, I decided to come up with a concept for an attractive, user-friendly website for Spectrum Screen Printing. Some clients may be older and have difficulty navigating websites. I made these mockups in Adobe Illustrator, complete with all the text from the original website but in a different font and more contrasting colors. 

Goat T-Shirt

This logo was originally four colors, which would have required too many screens for just one job. So I created three alternate versions of what the shirt could look like only using three colors. 

Once a Mule, Always a Mule

For this project, I recreated a decades-old high school shirt for a client. She sent us nothing more than a photo to recreate the design from, so I ended up finding the original font online and recreating both the animal logo and the lower font (Poplar Bluff Mules) using the pen tool. 

Robin Marie Tugboat

This client sent over a diagram of a tugboat, similar to the one he drives, and asked us to create a vector line drawing of it, minus a few bells and whistles. After finishing the drawing, which I did with the pen tool, I also converted his logo to three colors instead of four.  

Cat Dad

This client wanted a simple t-shirt with their cats on the front and back, with the caption, "Best cat dad ever!" on the front and "I even let him feed me!" on the back, with the cats' names under each picture. 

Wellspring of Joy

Using image trace and the pen tool, I created an image of a well, then copied the text and warped it to fit around the well, as well as adding the dates below. 

WRAL Wrestling Invitational Tournament Two-Color Design

Created this design with a golden 50th anniversary theme in mind, as this was the 50th annual wrestling tournament. The client had a WWE-like belt design, so I warped the text to fit as if it were engraved or embroidered on a leather wrestling belt. 

T-shirt mockups which were sent to client